HP Babylocks preium Mohair for Dolls

I used this professional quality hair when I recently won the award for "Best Rooted Hair" at the Peterborough doll show. It is loved by many of the most successful artists in the industry for reborn, silicone and fantasy dolls.

I can root about 3 medium or 4 preemie heads from one pack in medium thick style.

I try and keep all the fabulous colours in stock and have regular replenishment so message me if you do not see what you need.

Wavy to straight will give a natural straight looking hair that holds the style without being flyaway (like alpaca).  (17 colours)

New wavy gives gentle wave that can be teased into a wave with styling or encourage to sit in a gentle natural wave. (15 colours)

Very curly (afro) will hold a tight curl (3 colours only) 

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