CHRISTINE WOOLLEY (Silver Lining Art Dolls) NEW BLONDE Hair Painting Tutorial BOOK ONLY

CHRISTINE WOOLLEY (Silver Lining Art Dolls) NEW BLONDE Hair Painting Tutorial BOOK ONLY

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Image shows the full kit. *********This listing is for the BOOK ONLY******. It does not include any paints or brushes.

This is Christine's new version of her wonderful blonde hair tutorial.

In it Master artist Christine Woolley shows you how to mix your paints to achieve the correct consistency, how to use your paints correctly to achieve very realistic colouring, how to use your brush correctly to achieve the best results possible with it and how to map your head ready to paint the hair. It also has very detailed step by step instructions with matching illustrations to show you from beginning to end how to create a beautiful head of 3D painted hair. 

This new book as 52 full colour pages with more in depth information, more step by step photos and as an added bonus, 10 QR codes which will lead you to short instructional videos!

 These short videos will show you:

.  How to mix the paint to get the correct consistency.

.  How to load your brush correctly and how to use the brush to get the most benefit from it.

. How each layer should look once its completed

.  As well as 2 longer videos showing how I paint the final layers to achieve the 3D look!

. This tutorial has been written in a way that will be easy for beginners to follow and for those more advanced, there is a section at the end that will show you how to take your hair painting to the next level!

. The step by step illustrations, along with the videos will also be more beneficial to those non english speaking that wish to follow along with the tutorial. 

. The tutorial kit will include:

  • an A4 size, quality printed book with 52 full colour high-definition pages and (new for this release) QR codes to link to 10 video tutorials

    (Please see separate listing for the kit with paints version)