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Ultimate Fusion "Lets Get Started" SAMPLE SIZES set

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Introducing the ‘Lets get Started’   

This starter set is great for beginners or experienced artists. Reborn artists who have used it claim that is the perfect paint for your reborn dolls as well as will adhere to many other surfaces. There is no mixing necessary, no mediums required for your finished baby and is very easy to work with.  There are 17 items included in this very popular Ultimate Fusion Let's Get Started Air Dry Paint Set.

The paint once dry will fuse to the vinyl and not come off. It is very highly pigmented, light fast and flexible when dry. Fade resistant and heavy duty formula make it the only paint designed to withstand extended play once dry. Perfect for collectors who enjoy interacting with their art. It can be used straight out of the bottle for a 3D effect or add water translucent water color painting techniques. This is an ALL IN ONE paint so no need for any open time medium or any others. Translucent and water color applications take up to 24 to 72 hours to fully cure. This paint also sticks to wood, glass, canvas, paper, and fabric.

Ultimate Fusion Paint Set Includes:
1 - Drawstring Bag
Tutorial Access Code to Download ALL Guides and Tutorials.


Hair painting brush, wash brush and mixing brush.
Fine Detail Brush, Veining brush, blending deer foot brush, wash brush and mop brush.

1 - 3mm Pipette
#1 - 5ml White
#2 - 5ml Burnt Umber
#3 - 5ml Ultramarine Blue Warm
#4 - 5ml Red Wine
#5 - 5ml Dioazine Purple
#6 - 5ml Red Cool
#7 - 5ml Yellow Warm
#8 - 5ml Phthalo Blue Cool
#9 - 5ml Red Warm
#10 - 5ml Flesh Base
#11 - 5ml Vein Blue
#12 - 5ml Shine Remover
#13 - 5ml BlendFlow
#14 - 5ml Gloss Varnish

* This set, and the Full Size set also include a Bonus 5ml Antibead * 

These are all 5ml paint containers,
but most contain 5ml of highly concentrated paint. (See list of paints)

This is the 'Let’s get started kit'. It was designed to have everything you need to get started right. It includes mini paints and mediums, tutorials, brushes, hand trimmed hair painting brush, wash, brush, genesis mixing chart and a drawstring bag to store it all inside.  This set is definitely worth getting as you can simply add to it when you want more colours.

Heat-set users can easily convert to these paints using the same colours they used with heat-set paint.