Reggie Ann Cuddle n' Pose Body (prestuffed) UK STOCK

Reggie Ann Cuddle n' Pose Body (prestuffed) UK STOCK

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Pixie Kissed Babies is now the exclusive UK stockist for the much renowned Reggie Ann Cuddle n/ pose doll bodies.  We stock both stuffed and unstuffed version. This listing is for the stuffed version,, perfectly weighted by Reggie Ann - you just add the head.  Images show the results that can be achieved - no head is included in this kit.

Since the 2021 changes to UK import VAT, buying direct from Reggie in the US has become far more costly for UK artists. Buying from Pixie Kissed offers you a saving in money and faster delivery time. No worries about extra taxes and duties if you are in the UK.

Generally accepted as one of the most posable,, natural movement cloth bodies available - a Reggie Ann body will give your doll the lifelike look and feel that you want.

  Light        Tan          Dark

 These super soft, floppy, posable, one piece torso and limb fabric bodies without plastic hardware come in 4 sizes.

  • Zero to 3 months
  • Newborn,
  • Preemie and
  • Micro Preemie/Mini.

The larger bodies fit standard infant clothing. Micro Preemie/Mini fits 11” doll clothing.

This listing is for a fully prepared body that is pre-stuffed, triple stitched and appropriately weighted with micro glass beads, and will include a ziptie in the neck. Simply add your beautifully reborn vinyl, silicone, or clay sculpt head and Bam💥you have a fully finished custom baby doll that will look, move, position, and flop like a real infant once dressed.

Weight & Size

Zero to 3 month size weighs approx. 3 1/2 lbs , Newborn is just under 3 lbs , Preemie is about 2 lbs, and the Micro size is just under 1 lb. The weight is placed strategically in the hands and feet so it creates incredible possibilities for posing and is visually similar to a high end silicone doll or a positioner for real newborn photography. A finished Pose n’ Cuddle Baby is easy to dress unlike the traditional bulky cuddle bodies and are more appropriate for a high quality art doll head. Please see photo for skin color options.

Measurements are for

  • 3 months size, neck to crouch 10”, waistline 17”, legs and arms 10”.
  • Newborn neck to crouch 8”, waist 15”, legs and arms 8”,
  • Preemie neck to crouch 7”, arms and legs 6” and waist 12”.
  • Micro neck to crouch 4 1/2”, arms and legs 4” and waist 8” . 

 I also have a similar listing for this same body UNSTUFFED AND UN-WEIGHTED with excellent instructions for completing your own DIY doll body. Don’t forget to tag your dolls so Reggie and I can see everyone’s pictures! 😘 Can’t wait to see your babies #reggiesposencuddle 

These are in stock here in the UK for immediate shipping. If you do not see what you need, message me to get yours added to the next stock order.