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Silicone Healthy Glow™ powder

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An advanced silicone powder to create a healthy glow appearance on collactable silicone baby dolls. Silicone and paint safe, this is the purest powder developed especially for silicone art. Used two ways, this is a wonderful new product for the most creative silicone artists. Either as a permanent matting powder or as a temporary top finish on top of your silicone velvet™ matte powder, Silicone velvet (Healthy Glow)™ gives a natural healthy living skin appearance when added to cheekbones, eyelids and other highlights.



The powder is fully certified in the EU, USA, Australia nad other countries as safe on your own skin too, but like any powder, you should avoid inhaling due to the particle size.

How to use:

One: As a permanent finish:

Use as a "less matte" matting powder on eyelids, noses or anywhere that you want a healthy glow (but not wet) appearance. Dust on with a brush onto a super thin layer of wet clear silicone paint. After paint is fully cured, dust off excess with a powder brush. No need to rinse. A little rub will enhance the effect.

If the finish is too wet looking - tame down with silicone velvet matte.

Two: As a semi permanent finish:

Use after your baby doll  has been fully matted/cured/dusted off with Silicone Velvet™ Matte, the Silicone Health Glow powder can be used as a long lasting, but non permanent highlighter. Use a small brush and apply very very sparingly to give a glow to cheeks, eyelids using a small makeup brush or cotton swab. Rub firmly with you finger to create the glow. Only add the tiniest amount.

The powder is fully certified as safe on your own skin too, but like any powder, you should avoid inhaling due to the particle size.

Healthy glow applied to a cured baby can be removed using a cotton wool pad moistened with water or silicone safe solvent. It is not designed to be a permanent effect. If you are a doll artists, consider supplying a small container to your customers for future use. 





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