Silicone Velvet (Matte) powder (select your size!)

Silicone Velvet (Matte) powder (select your size!)

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An advanced silicone finishing powder to matt or maintain silicone dolls.

Unlike talc, plain silica powder or cornstarch, our unique powder blend in Silicone Velvet™ includes tiny transparent light diffusing micro bubbles of silicone. These provide the silkiest protection & strongest bond whilst the paint colours & details stay true and vibrant on babies created in ALL skintones.

Skin and paint safe, this is the purest, finest, lowest abrasion powder developed especially for silicone finishing.

Because only silicon based products will stick to silicone, and purity is essential to prevent cure inhibition, this powder is the safest way to give a skin like matt finish and velvety feel to the skin of your doll that will give the best possible results that last. A unique high transparency blend of microspheres of silicone and other non abrasive ingredients.

The powder is fully certified in the EU, USA, Australia and other countries as safe and non toxic, but like any powder, you should avoid inhaling due to the particle size.

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As soft as a baby's bottom!

How to use:

Collectors on finished dolls: Use Silicone Velvet to make baby feel like silk and protect the surface paint for longer.

To acheive velvety soft skin that is not only ultra real to touch and look at, but also helps clothes glide on and prevent friction that will damage your doll, regular use of silicone velvet will safely and purely protect you precious doll. Use on a clean dry doll with a (latex free) powder puff or small powder brush to gently work the powder into the doll's skin. Use a large powder brush to dust off any excess.

**If your doll is peeling, using any kind of powder will emphasise the peeling but will not make the peeling any worse. Consider a rematting service to fix this problem.

The powder is fully certified as safe on your own skin too, but like any powder, you should avoid inhaling due to the particle size. 

Artists: 2 ways to use

For best long lasting results: Ensure baby is clean and free of oils. Wipe down with a silicone friendly solvent (NOVOCS is recommended) and then apply a very thin (clear) layer of your preferred silicone paint system. Apply the powder using an atomiser spray, sifter shaker or powder brush before the silicone starts to kick (cure). See our "how to" videos for tips. After silicone has fully cured, dust of excess with a powder brush, rinse with water and check for spots where you may have not applied your clear paint - these will show up as shiny spots. Touch up any missed areas. Once complete, dust the whole baby with more powder for a fabulous feel, avoiding shiny areas such as lips and nail beds. (Users tip: Keep a little of the silicone paint mix in your palette to touch and observe to see how the curing is progressing rather than touching your artwork)

Quick touch up: Ensure baby is clean and free of oils. Wipe down with a silicone friendly solvent (NOVOCS is recommended). Allow solvent to evaporate. Apply the powder in firm circular motion to work into the silicone using a small medium firm brush. No need to wait - dust of excess with a powder brush - no need to rinse.

***See our other products to achieve lanugo or a dewy glow on skin - these complement the Silicone Velvet. 





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