Ultimate Fusion Kabuki Pouncer Brush

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KABUKI POUNCER brush - 1 piece

What a game changer!
cost effective and environmentally friendly
You can use the same brush for all washes. Replaces the need for ‘sponge’ pouncing.
Cuts the number of cosmetic wedges needed for a cheaper and more environmentally smart choice.
innovative design
The size and shape of the Kabuki brush allows artists to get into tighter places.
Has been proven to combat vinyl shine on some kits.
Requires less blotting than other Kabukis that become saturated and need to be left to dry out.
Tighter packed bristles for a better wash finish.
It is great for blushing. Apply with a wedge, then pounce in colour with your kabuki brush resembling a pigment powder finish!
easy to clean and dry
Just blot out excess paint on a towel ready for the next colour! Unlike other kabuki brushes that get too wet to use continuously. You only need one for all colours.
can be used With any airdry or heat set paint...
Just amazing!