Ultimate Fusion texture sponges (for 3D dewy skin) - LATEX

Ultimate Fusion texture sponges (for 3D dewy skin) - LATEX

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8 waterproof wedges - designed for ultimate fusion 3D dewy skin.

All products are chosen by Lisa Sylvia especially for Ultimate Fusion paint line.

"I strongly believe that you need the right tools with every job. 
Acrylic paint works best with non absorbent sponges when trying to create texture or mottle, because there are so many varieties of sponges available on the market, who can know which type works best for which job?!  Thankfully I’ve done all the hard work and have come up with my personal selection of tools that work for each job which makes painting a pleasure" Lisa Sylvia


Texture sponges. These sponges are amazing in their ability to repel water. They are perfect for use with mottle and when you tear the top can be used to add 3D dewy skin texture as well as texture look to the skin when using a torn wedge with paint. These are reusable and perfect to experiment with.